St. Brigid




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Kathrin Burleson
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Who was St. Brigid?

The Feast Day of St Brigid of Kildare is the 1st of February. She grew up a milkmaid and cowherd in bondage to the Druids. So many apocryphal fancies have been used to embellish her life story that it is impossible to reconstruct an accurate biography. We do know there was a Druid shrine to a goddess where a perpetual flame burned. Brigid did not extinguish this flame when she founded a Christian religious community on the site now called Kildare, Ireland. The religious community included both men and women according to the custom of the Celtic church.
She served as Abbess of this order and as tradition has it, she was consecrated bishop in order to serve as Abbess. Such consecrations of women were not unknown among the Celtic Christians.

Brigid was renowned for her virtue, piety and hospitality.