Children’s Clothing Exchange
is Held at the:
D.H. White School Multi-Purpose Room
500 Elm Way

August 29 Children’s Clothing Exchange has been cancelled

Due to health department restrictions on public events and delayed plans for opening our Rio Vista schools because of the coronavirus, the Children’s Clothing Exchange cannot be held at D. H. White Elementary School on August 29.  Saint Brigid’s Episcopal Church Rio Vista, sponsor of the event, is sad to announce that the August event has been cancelled.  The next Children’s Clothing Exchange is tentatively scheduled for January 30, 2021 (dependent upon the school availability and health department restrictions at that time).  Saint Brigid’s is searching for other churches or organizations within Rio Vista to work with us on this important community event which has benefited children and families in Rio Vista for over 10 years. If you have questions or wish to assist with the January event, please contact Saint Brigid’s Episcopal Church at 707-374-2667. (This is a message telephone; we will return your call.) 

The St. Brigid’s Rio Vista Clothing Exchange will offer thousands of children’s garments, sorted and displayed by size and gender, free for local families who trade in their children’s outgrown used clothing.

To donate clothing now, phone 374-2667.