Bible Study

Into the World: the Acts of the Apostles

Join us to study the Bible book Acts of the Apostles.  We meet monthly on the third Thursday at a local home, 10 a.m. to noon.  14 Sessions.  Free workbook.  Info:  707-386-7082. 

Luke is our guide as we relive the events of the early church. Catch the wind of the same spirit that brings renewed life to today’s Christians. Meet the key personalities, review their activities, reflect on their meaning, and discover their message to the Church today.


▪     Prologue to the Acts of the Apostles

▪     Preparing for the Church’s Birth

▪     The Birth of the Church

▪     The Power of the Gospel

▪     Challenges from Within and Without

▪     Stephen, Front and Center

▪     The Gospel Spreads Beyond Jerusalem

▪     Into All the World

▪     Antioch and Jerusalem

▪     Barnabas and Paul

▪     On to Macedonia and Philippi

▪     Paul Upsets the Empire

▪     Riots and Encouragement

▪     Story Without End