Bible Study

Weekly Gospel Study Hour

You are invited to St Brigid’s Zoom Gospel Study Hour.  Weekly, each Thursday at 10 a.m.  Each week on Thursday we will discuss the lectionary Gospel for the coming Sunday:

Thursday April 30th for Sunday May 3rd. John 10:1-10.

Thursday 7th for Sunday 10th.  John 14:1-14.

Thursday 14th for Sunday 17th. John 14:15-21.

Thursday 21st for Sunday 24th.  John 17:1-11.

Bring your New Testament Bible.  If you would like a packet of all the lectionary readings for six weeks ahead, please help yourself to one from Susan’s porch.  The Zoom “invite” will be sent out on Mondays.  Call or text Deacon Susan Reeve (707-386-7082) if you need help with connecting to Zoom.